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Let's Laugh


Vernard "The Laugh Therapist" Hines delivers a healthy dose of comedy that fills your heart with laughter and your soul with joy. His style of comedy blends Faith, Humor, and Mental Health Awareness.


​The Laugh Therapist is the Co-Host of The Jamal Bates Morning Show, A syndicated radio show in Aiken and Florence SC, Anderson SC, as well as Augusta Ga.  He is a natural-born performer and is always excited to put his Comedian skills to the test in front of an audience. Throughout the years, I’ve been working hard to develop my own comedy voice and make sure I stand with my performances. For me, the pleasure of performing comes from forming a connection with my audience and providing a memorably entertaining experience.


The Laugh Therapist a native of Norfolk Va. is a retired U.S. Army veteran who battles PTSD. He is a mental health advocate and trying to kill the STIGMA of seeking help one joke at a time. "The Laugh Therapist" was birthed from talking to a friend about my encounter with a therapist after returning from the Iraq war. I learned I was using Laughter to hide the pain of things in my childhood and as well as things I had experienced while in Iraq, instead of dealing with the issues I would always just laugh it off. I never dealt with or confronted issues I only ran from them. This carried over into every area of my life, laughter really kept me from harming myself and thus Laughter has been and will continue to be my Therapy. 

In 2022 Vernard started a FB Live / Podcast called P.T.S.D. Processing Traumatic Situations Differently. This podcast is to allow people to express how they have processed the trauma in their life.


He has spoken and performed for many Veteran organizations as well as the Veterans Hospital in Hampton Va. Multiple Churches, Comedy Clubs, Private and Corporate Events. He has opened up for Donald Lawerance, Jakalyn Carr, Hezekiah Walker, The Choir Master himself Ricky Dillard and J. J. Hairston at The How Sweet the Sound Gospel Competition held annually in Greenville SC.

Vernard is married to his lovely wife Trish 'Mrs. Laugh Therapist" Hines. He has 5 children 3 biological, 2 bonus children and 2 dogs. 


To me, Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God!!! Keep your hope in God and


Short Bio

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The Jamal Bates Morning Show (TJBMS) is a nationally syndicated urban inspiration morning show hosted by the multiple award-winning Jamal Bates, multi-media personality Ashlei Stevens and Army Vet Comedian Vernard “The Laugh Therapist” Hines.

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Vernard T. Hines

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Nathanael Brown
Executive Director
How Sweet The Sound

Hey Vernard!!
Thank you so much!! you were so hilarious.

I appreciate your support and will definitely get the clip to you!! 

Sebrina B.
CEO Girlfriends Tea

Get Your Therapy!


Vernard is funny! He has performed twice for Girlfriends Tea at a luncheon last year and at our 2nd annual conference this past weekend. This year's performance had eveyone in stitches. I sent out a conference review to rate the speakers in paragraph style. The women mentioned Vernard and rated him as Excellent! Thank you, Vernard! The Bible says: "laughter doeth good like medicine." Keep giving us our medicine. 🙂​

Amanda Mitchell

82nd Surprise Birthday Bash!


The Laugh Therapist turned my dad's 82nd Birthday Bash Out! He was Hilarious! His style and delivery were Unique and On Point! My Dad, Family, and All were blown away with Laughter! My guest enjoyed him so much and asked for his information for their next venue. My phone has been ringing off the hook about the entertainment. What a nice change Christian and Clean Comedy. Loved him and will be booking him again!


Tom Tuttle
Point Harbour Church

Christian Couples Event!


This is the second time we have had Vernard Hines aka The Laugh Therapist do an event for us. The people loved it and I would highly recommend him. I am sure we will have him back again.

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