Rhythm of Life

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

How stressed are you? Well sometimes we really don't know. See we are trained to fight through, put a smile on our face and show up and don't give up. Well what happens when you don't feel like showing up and feel like giving up and you feel like quitting? If this is you, well please know these feelings come and go. I was told one time that this is called the rhythm of life.

Think about this. If you were hooked up to a heart monitor, you would see that line goes up and down and makes a beeping noise. That is called the rhythm of life. When the rhythm of life is up, we are on a natural high. That's when all of our bills are paid, relationships are intact, kids acting right, and business doing well. But what happens when it comes to the downside of that rhythm? Some people call this being in the valley. WHEW that's when it gets really depressing, stressful, anxiety creeps in.

It’s these moments that sometimes we lose hope and feel we never get back on top of life again. See we don't ever want that rhythm to flatten out because that is called flat lining and we are dead for that moment. That's when they have to jump start the heart and something external i.e. CPR, (AED) automated external defibrillator. Just know to keep that rhythm of life going we have to continue to find that internal hope that can keep our hearts pumping.

If you feel some area of your life is not going well then try to focus on what part is going well until that other part gets back in rhythm. Yes, we are right back to the rhythm of life. We have to understand and figure out how to navigate this thing we call LIFE because giving up and quitting cannot be an option.

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